Lillet Is A Brand Of French Aperitif Wine. It Is A Blend Of 85% Bordeaux Wines (Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon And Muscadelle For The Blanc; Merlot And Cabernet Sauvignon For the Rouge) And 15% Macerated Liqueurs, Mostly Citrus Liqueurs From The Peels Of Sweet Oranges From Spain And Morocco And The Peels Of bitter Green Oranges From Haiti. Lillet Belongs In A Family Of Aperitif Known As Tonic Wines Because Of The Addition Of A Liqueur Of Chinchona Bark From Peru Which Contains Quinine. Lillet Is Matured In Oak Casks And Available In Red And White Versions. While It Has Been Produced Since The Late 19th Century, The Current Formulation Dates From 1986. The Formulation Was Changed Only To Lower The Sugar Content; The Level Of Quinine Has Remained The Same

In Ian Fleming’s 1953 Novel Casino Royale, James Bond Invents And Orders A Kina Lillet Martini, Which He Named The “Vesper” After His Love Interest In The Story. He Asks The Bartender For A Dry Martini, A Fraction Of A Second Later He Adds To The Order: “Three Measures Of Gordon’s, One Of Vodka, Half A Measure Of Kina Lillet.” It Is Present In Both The Casino Royale And Quantum Of Solace Films. The Company Has Been Known To Use Its Appearance In Casino Royale In Its Promotions

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