Swedish ‘Big Bond Movie Themes’ Soundtrack Compilation Sampler LP (33RPM) From ‘Dr. No’ 1962 To ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ 1974 Geoff Love And His Orchestra. Catalogue Number MFP 50227

Side A: 01 James Bond Theme (Monty Norman) / From Russia With Love (Lionel Bart) / 03 Goldfinger (Anthony Newley/Lesley Bricusse John Barry) / 04 Thunderball (Don Black/John Barry) / 05 Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Lesley Bricusse/ John Barry) / 06 Casino Royale (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)

Side B: 01 You Only Live Twice (Lesley Bricusse/ John Barry) / 02 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (John Barry) / 03 We Have All The Time In The World (Hal David/John Barry) / 04 Diamonds Are Forever (Don Black/John Barry) / 05 Live And Let Die (Paul McCartney) / 06 The Man With The Golden Gun (John Barry/Monty Norman/Don Black)
MFP Music For Pleasure Records, Sweden 1975

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