American James Bond Double Feature ‘You Only Live Twice’ And ‘Casino Royale’ Soundtrack Compilation Sampler LP (33RPM) Performed By Billy Strange And His Guitar & Orchestra Catalogue Number GNP 2039 (Sealed)

Other Great Movie Themes Are Also Featured, A Few Dollars More, Born Free, In Like Flint, Alfie, A Man And A Woman, Georgy Girl, Peter Gunn, Spanish Fly And The Summer Scene

Side A: 01 You Only Live Twice / 02 Alfie / 03 A Few Dollars More / 04 Born Free / 05 Georgy Girl / 06 Spanish Fly
Side B: 01 Casino Royale / 02 A Man And A Woman / 03 In Like Flint / 04 The Summer Scene / 05 Peter Gunn
GNP Crescendo Records, USA 1967

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2017_07_30 (WEEK30/2017)

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