German/Swiss Vinyl LP ‘James Bond Filmmusik / James Bond Soundtrack’ Double Vinyl Compilation Catalogue Number 2-200.048/49

Side A: 01 Goldfinger, 02 007, 03 Blues For Dr. No, 04 Pussy Galore Meets Bond, 05 M Joins The Hunt

Side B: 01 Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 02 Casino Royale, 03 CMoonraker, 04 The Spy Who Loved Me, 05 For You Eyes Only, 06 Never Say Never Again

Side C: 01 James Bond Theme, 02 From Russia With Love, 03 THunderball Main Theme, 04 Bond Below Disco Volante, 05 Cafe Martinique

Side D: 01 Death Of Goldfinger, 02 The Man With The Golden Gun, 03 On Her Majesty’s Secret Sertvice, 04 Live And Let Die, 05 Diamonds Are Forever
World Star Collection Records, Germany/Switzerland 1984

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2018_05_04 (WEEK18/2018)

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