Korean ‘Licence To Kill’ Soundtrack LP (33RPM) Main Theme Sung By Gladys Knight. Inclusive Soundtrack Fact Sheet. Catalogue Number MCA-6307

Side A: 01 Licence To Kill (Gladys Knight) / 02 Wedding Party (Ivory) / 03 Dirty Love (Tim Feehan) / 04 Pam / 05 If You Asked Me To (Patti LaBelle)

Side B: 01 James And Felix On Their Way To Church / 02 His Funny Valentine / 03 Sanchez Is In The Bahamas/Shark Fishing / 04 Ninja / 05 Licence Revoked
MCA, Korea 1989

Various ‘Licence To Kill’ Vinyl LP Editions Overview
Vinyl Soundtrack LP Overview

2014_09_24 (WEEK39/2014GOODIE)

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