Italian ‘Si Vive Solo Due Volte / You Only Live Twice’ Re-Issue 1970s Soundtrack LP (33RPM) Album Written By John Barry And Lyrics By Leslie Bricusse, Main Theme Sung By Nancy Sinatra. Cover Design Based On The Artwork By Frank McCarthy. Catalogue Number ORL 8155

Side A:01 You Only Live Twice (Nancy Sinatra) / 02 Capsule in Space / 03 Fight at Kobe Dock/Helga / 04 Tanaka’s World / 05 A Drop in the Ocean / 06 The Death of Aki
Side B: 01 Mountains and Sunsets / 02 The Wedding / 03 James Bond – Astronaut? / 04 Countdown for Blofeld / 05 Bond Averts World War Three / 06 You Only Live Twice (Nancy Sinatra)
United Artists, Italy 1970s

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