American B.M.D. Birth Movies Death Magazine Number 21 ‘James Bond Commemorative Issue’ (84 Pages) This Special Collector’s Edition, Originally Timed To Release Alongside Daniel Craig’s Final Bond Performance In ‘No Time To Die’ Before Pandemic Concerns Delayed The Movie, Is Dedicated To The History Of Bond On Film. Cover Art By Chris Bilheimer

04 Letter From The Editor
06 The Last Dinosaur: The Case For Keeping James Bpond
10 Duty And Devotion: The Battle For James Bonds Heart And Soul
14 Ranking Rogers: How TheRoger Moore FilmsStack Up
18 All About Eve Moneypenny
22 The Other Fellows Were Actors, Lazenby Was James Bond
24 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: A Reboot Ahead Of Its Time
28 James Bond’s Greatest Enemy: Ordinary Household Objects
32 Red Grant: Bond’s Most Interesting Villain
34 Looking Down The Barrel At Cinema’s Weirdest Bonds
37 Bond Comic
38 Timothy Dalton: Impressing The Livinf Daylights Out Of Us
42 17 Again: Dalton’s Lost Bond
46 On Her Majesty’s Secret Surfboard: The Peculiar Cartoon World Of James Bond Jr.
48 The Dapper British Spy: They Can’t All Be james Bond
52 Never Say Never To ‘Never Say Never Again’
56 Audio Bond: The 007 Tapes
60 Brosnan’s Bond: Making Vanity Cool Again
64 No Codename: A Futile Attempt To Create A Single Unified James Bond Narrative
68 Six Blofelds Enter A Bar
72 Live And Let Play: Bond In Videogames
76 There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Bond Movie
80 Nerding It Up With The James Bonding Podcast’s Matt Gourley
B.M.D. Birth Movies Death, USA 2020

2020_08_23 (WEEK34/2020GOODIE)

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