Sunday 20th Of December 2015, The, The “Daily Growing Collection”, Webside Is 10 Years Old! Limited Memory Postcard (150 x 100mm) Edition No 01 Of 10 Numbered Collector Pieces

History Review “The Milestones”
2005_12_20, 007Collector Website Launch
2009_10_05, First 007Collector Clip
2012_04_10, New Logo And New Page Design
2012_05_12, Facebook Friendspage Launch
2012_12_17, G. Kennedy Artwork Series Launch
2013_01_05, Bond Dinner Series Launch
2013_02_09, Annual Bond Party Zürich Launch
2013_03_30, Second 007Collector Clip
2015_10_10, Glencheck & Paisley 007 Collection Line Launch

Memory Cards Overview

2015_12_20 10th Anniversary

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