„We Have People Everywhere!“ Heineken Has invited Agents From Around The World (85 Countries) To The Spyfie Days (The World’s First Selfie From Space) In Las Vegas 4th & 5th November 2015

15_11_05 Heineken Spyfie 1a

Swiss Agents Team: Xenia Tchoumitcheva (Vice Miss Switzerland 2006), Michael Hackl (007collector.com), The Heineken Contest Winner Lukas Hill, David Beccarelli, Rowena Welti, Sascha Kueng, Guided And Supported By Sami Ackermann (Heineken Switzerland Assistant Brand Manager) The Team Was Accompanied By The Swiss Press, Bettina Bendinger & Catharina Steiner (20 Minuten, Daily Newspaper), Kim Schaerer (Rockstar Magazine) And The Freakish TV Team (Tele Top & MTV) Alice Bauer, Adri Salihi & Alessandro Raba

2015_11_05 Heineken Spyfie2

Program Day One
001 „MISSION START“ Flight To Las Vegas

002 „CHECK-IN“ After Arriving At The Red Rock Hotel & Casino, A Customized Sony Mobile Phone Is Presented – A Personal Gift Used To Receive „Spyfie“ Updates, Briefings, And Share Experiences

003“WELCOME“ The Welcome Dinner And „Spyfie“ Mission Briefing Takes Place In Style… High Above The Desert In A Penthouse Suite

2015_11_05 Heineken Spyfie3

Program Day Two
004 „DESERT DAWN“ After Driving Off Into A Remote Desert Location. An Elegant English Breakfast Is Presented Lit By Dawn’s First Night

005 „SABOTAGE“ It Turns Out The „Spyfie“ Site Is Compromised And Dune Buggies Are Raced To Timely Obtain The New Plans And Reach The Next Location

2015_11_05 Heineken Spyfie4

006 „THE SPYFIE“ After Arriving At The Spectacular Hoover Dam Site, The Personal Position Marks Metal Bottle Opener With Integrated GPS Micro Chip Were Distributed. The Satellite Needs To Track Every Single Person Separately To Take A Individually “Selfie From Space”. I Was So Happy That I Get The Spyfie Platform Mark And Position A007! Coincidence Or A Special Gift From Heineken..? Everbody Takes Their Marks And The Countdown For The World’s First Selfie From Space Begins. Joined By None Other Than „Spectre“ Villain “Mister Hinx” Dave Bautista On “Spyfie” Platform Position A001

2015_11_05 Heineken Spyfie5

007 „RIVERING“ Surrounded By The Epic Landscapes Of The Colorado River, Lunch Is Enjoyed In True Man Of The World Style

008 „RELAXATION“ Private Poolside Cabanas And Massages, Geared Towards Rest And Rejuvenation Wash Away The Rigors Of The Early Start. Special Rewards Can Be Unlocked By Completing Assignment

2015_11_05 Heineken Spyfie6

009 „GREEN CARPET“ Arriving In Style. A Green Carpet Leads To A Private Entrance Into The Theatre – Where Built-In Bars And Hostesses Provide A Warm Welcome To This Special Screening

2015_11_05 Heineken Spyfie7b (f.l.t.r. Sascha Kueng, Bettina Bendinger, Lukas Hill, Kim Schaerer, Michael Hackl (Dressed By Glencheck & Paisley Zurich), Catharina Steiner, David Beccarelli And Rowena Welti)

2015_11_05 Heineken Spyfie7

010 „PREMIERE“ The Much Anticipated Bond Movie „Spectre“ Kicks Off In Heineken Style, And Winners From The Afternoon Assignments Receive A Special Treat

2015_11_05 Heineken Spyfie8

011 „AFTER PARTY“ As DJs Spin Into The Night, The Celebration Continues At A „Spectre“ Themed Private Clup With “Spectre” Exhibition Displays Four Original Spectre Movie Props: 2nd Unit Clapper Board (Dias De Las Muertas, Mexico), The Skull Mask Of Daniel Craig, The Spectre Ring And Daniel Craigs “Day Of The Dead” Top Hat

012 „MISSION COMPLETE“ Flight Back Home

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