Saturday 12th Ocotber 2019, Backdrop Switzerland Expo Opening In Morges Lausanne. Backdrop Switzerland Association Together With Musée Alexis Forel And Expo Fondation Bolle Are Proud To Present A Major Suisse Romande Expo From 12 October ’19 To 5 January ’20 In Morges “Switzerland As Seen Through The Lens Of More Than A Century Of Foreign Films”

After My First James Bond Exhibition At The Schilthorn Piz Gloria (1st May to 15th December 2017) I Am Happy And Proud To Announce My Second Exhibition, The James Bond Part Of The ‘Backdrop Switzerland Expo’ Together With Roland Hasler (James Bond Club Switzerland) And Pierre Hirsinger (Autor James Bond au Service de Sa Majeste la Suisse). Special Focus On The Swiss 007 Film Connection Regarding To Goldfinger 1964, On Her Majesty‘s Secret Service 1969, Also The Spy Who Loved me 1977 & GoldenEye 1995. From James Bond To Heidi, From The Mountains To The Lakes, Visit The Picturesque Village Of Morges And See How Switzerland Is Portrayed In Over A Century Of Foreign Films

Backdrop Swizerland Expo Is Based On The Book Backdrop Switzerland — A Century Of Iconic Photos Assembled By The Author, Cornelius Schregle

Unforgettable Opening! Congratulations For The Fantastic Organisation To Cornelius Schregle (Backdrop Switzerland), Yves Rattaz (Musée Alexis Forel), Salvatore Gervasi (Expo Fondation Bolle) And Team. Thank You!

Pic 1 Cornelius Schregle Pic 2 Roland Hasler, Michael Hackl & Pierre Hirsinger

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