American Giant “Disco Volante” Hand Crafted Model (81 x 20 x 25cm) As Seen In The James Bond Film “Thunderball” 1965. The Model Is 100% Scratch Built With Planks On Frame Construction Method From The Drawings. The Hull Is Made Of Wood And Painted With White And Dark Red. This Model Comes With A Display Base And The Base Is Designed To Remove The Model Into 2 Pieces

The Disco Volante Story Mister Emilio Largo´s (Adolfo Celi) Ship In The Fourth Bond Movie “Thunderball” The Fourth James Bond Film Starring Sean Connery Was A Huge Success Already In Its Opening Year 1965. Mr. Largo´s Ship Disco Volante Plays An Important Role In Thunderball. The Real Craft Used In The Film Was A Hydrofoil Ferry, The Flying Fish, Built By Rodriquez Cantieri Navali, Who Had Built The First Successful One At Freccia Del Sole. The “Cocoon” Was Built On Set. It Was Purchased For The Film For $500,000 And Brought From Puerto Rico To Miami For Refitting And Refurbishment. The Hydrofoil Never Sailed Again After The Filming. It Was Rented As A Stationary Houseboat, Docked At A Marina On Miami’s MacArthur Causeway, Until It Sank At The Dock In The Early 1980s
Premium Hand Crafts Texas, USA 2016

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