American Topps James Bond Film ‘Moonraker’ Bubble Gum Trading Cards Series Counter Display Box (180 x 140 x 60mm) Contains 36 Wax Packs. Each Of The 36 Sealed Pack (Wax Pack Wrappers With Different Advertising) Contains 10 Movie Photo Cards (87 x 63mm), 1 Movie Sticker And 1 Stick Bubble Gum, Pack Price 1979 20 Cents

Trading Cards Complete Series Contains 99 Cards And 22 Sticker (87 x 63mm) Card Fronts Features A Color Photo Still From The Movie, Surrounded By A Thin Yellow Border Against A Blue Background. The Moonraker Title Was In A Small Yellow Panel Beneath The Photo, With The Card Title In White Near That. The Card Number Appeared In A Small Red ‘Explosion’ Shape Superimposed Over The Photo

Card Backs Took Two Forms: One Type Card Backs Form Was A Puzzle Piece. Needed For One Of The Two Different 25 Pieces Puzzle Pictures (315 x 435mm) One Puzzle Shows The Iconic James Bond (Roger Moore) In A Spacesuit Illustration Of Dan Goozee And The Second Puzzle Shows Jaws (Richard Kiel) In Action

The Other Type Card Backs Form Were In Blue With Cartoon Pictures Of A Space Shuttle And Actor Roger Moore In A Spacesuit. The Moonraker Appeared In Stylized Yellow Lettering Along The Top, With ‘James Bond 007’ Below That In Black. A Yellow Block With A Text Synopsis OfThe Photo’s Events Dominated The Center Of The Card, With ‘Collect All 99 Moonraker Cards’ At The Bottom

The Stickers For This Set Were Numbered But Uncaptioned, With Photos Outlined In Red Against A White Background
Topps/EON/Glidrose, USA 1979

Different Moonraker Sticker Editions Overview

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