In The 1963 James Bond Film “From Russia With Love” Bond Bad Guy Donald ‘Red’ Grant (Robert Shaw) Uses What Is Now The World’s Best Know, Garrotte Watch. He Used It During A Special S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Training Test During The Films Pre Titles – To Kill An Opponent Sporting A ‘James Bond’ Rubber Mask, He Then Uses It Throughout The Rest Of The Film And Finally In One Of The Most Famous Bond Movie Battles Of All Time! In a Fight to the Death with James Bond 007 (Sean Connery) On Board The Orient Express. Which Sees Bond Tricking Grant Who Is Holding Him At Gun Point – Into Oppening His Attache Case Which In Turn Stuns Grant Via Its Hidden Tear Gas Tin. In A Brutal Fight (Most Of Which Was Done By Sean Connery and Robert Shaw) Grant Tries To Garrotte Bond To Death With This Device, Bond In Turn, Pops A Hidden Knife Out Of His Trick Attache Case, Stabs Grant In The Shoulder And Then Turns The Tables By Using Grant’s Own Wrist Watch On Him

This Replica Is Based On The Prop Seen In The Film . The time On The Watch Is Adjustable Via The Watch Dial, It Features A Built In Spring Loaded, 30 Inch In Length, Steel Wire, Which Can Be Drawn Out Via The Watches Ring Pull – Exact To The Movie Used Function, Let It Go! And It Springs Back Into The Body Of The Watch

James Bond Props And Replicas Collection Overview


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