1967 You Only Live Twice, While Bond Is Training To Be A Ninja At Tiger Tanaka’s (Tetsurō Tamba) Training School He Encounters A Number Of Weapons, One Of Which Is A Gun That Fires Jet-Propelled Cartridges That Explode Into Flames Upon Hitting Its Target. Those Guns Were Later Used By The Ninjas While Invading The Volcano Fortress

The Gyrojet Is A Family Of Unique Firearms Developed In The 1960s Named For The Method Of Gyroscopically Stabilizing Its Projectiles. Rather Than Inert Bullets, Gyrojets Fire Small Rockets Called Microjets Which Have Little Recoil And Do Not Require A Heavy Barrel To Resist The Pressure Of The Combustion Gases. Velocity On Leaving The Tube Was Very Low, But Increased To Around 1,250 Feet Per Second (380 m/s) At 30 Feet (9.1 m). The Result Is A Very Lightweight Weapon

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