Vintage Philips UF-I 90 Compact Cassette / Tape, The Same Type As Seen In A View To A Kill 1985

James Bond (Roger Moore) Listen To A Philips UF-I 90 Cassette Tape In The Nippon Relaxation Spa In San Francisco. The Tape Contains A Recording Of A Conversation Of Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) In His Oil Pumping Station In San Francisco, And Was Recorded By Pola Ivanova (Fiona Fullerton). After Listening To The Tape On The Stereo Player, Bond Switches The Tape So That When Pola, A KGB Agent Sent By General Gogol (Walter Gotell) To Spy On Zorin, Steals The Cassette, She Has the Wrong One…

James Bond Props And Replicas Collection Overview

2020_07_15 (WEEK29/2020GOODIE)

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