American James Bond 007 Secret Shooting Attache Case (430 x 280 x 50mm) Loosely Based On The Trick Briefcase Seen In The Bond Film ‘From Russia With Love’ 1963

Hard Plastic Briefcase Containing: Bullet-Firing Lugar Gun And Attachments To Turn It Into A Sniper Rifle, 12 Bullets Set, Hidden Dagger, ‘Code-A-Matic’ Machine & Code Book, Wallet With Passport, 6 Business Cards, A Stack Of Play Money & Instructions, All In The Original Fragile Blue Styrofoam Insert

Secret Attache Case Functions: Bullet Fires Through Closed Case, Slide Out Concealed Flexible Dagger And Secret Lock Explodes When Case Is Opened By Spies

MPC Multiple Toys, Bronx N.Y., USA 007 Is The Undercover Identity Of The Most Feared Yet Most Respected, The The Most Cunning And Most Suave Of All Secret Service Operatives – The Daring James Bond. Operating Out Of Headquarters, In London’s Whitehall, He Pursues Those Bent On Tyranny And Evil To Every Corner Of The Globe. Bond, Like Other Select Agents Bearing The “00” Designation, Has Been Thoroughly Trained In Every Aspect Of The Most Dangerous Of All Games – Espionage

Whitehall, Headquarters Of British Espionage Is A Truly Fantastic Place; Here Crime Is Treated As A Science. The Most Advanced Knowledge Of Electronics, Chemistry, Physics, etc, Is Combined With Great Ingenuity To Create The Most Sophisticated “Tools” Of The Trade. A Typicaly Example Of This Skill Is An Innocent Looking Businessman’s Attache Case Which In Reality Is A Complete Secret Agent’s Special Assignment Outfit. It Operates As Follows: While Carrying It, The Agent Can, At The Touch Of A Concealed Button, Fire A Bullet From It. If Opened Incorrectly, By An Unauthorized Person, It Explodes. Built Into The Case Is A Hidden Knife For Special Emergencies. Open It, And There Is A Complete Arsenal; A Gun Which Can Be Quickly Assembled To Operate As A Pistol, Shoulder Stock Automatic, Or Sniper’s Rifle, A Code Device For Writing Secret Messages, A Code Book Which Becomes A Booby Trap, A Passport, International Currency, And A Secret Compartment For Hiding Valuable Papers
Multiple Toymakers, USA 1965

Multiple Toymakers James Bond Toy Releases Overview

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  • Darren

    2015/04/05 at 18:54 Reply

    how can i buy this attache case from the film “from Russia with love”?

    • 007

      2015/06/26 at 22:30 Reply

      thank you for your request. this is my personal daily growing 007 collection. so that why all goods are not for sale. thanks for your comprehension. all the best from switzerland M

    • Mario Bonfiglio

      2020/09/13 at 14:58 Reply

      Wo kann man , soeinen koffer…gebraucht erwerben…!

  • Greg Ostrowsky

    2018/07/05 at 00:45 Reply

    I owned one of these as a child. I wish I still had it. Feeling jealous. Enjoy it

  • ian ireland

    2020/04/29 at 22:50 Reply

    so first off what a beautiful toy, so what do you think a good price for it would be, i have found one that is complete and almost as nice as yours and am wondering what would be an intelligent offer?

  • Christopher David

    2020/09/04 at 01:31 Reply

    Thanks for sharing your amazing collection. My parents got me one of these Attache cases for Christmas in 1965 from a Sears catalog. I still have it. I have also collected 34 more over the years, as an obsession. I have about 100 of the Luger type pistols, as most of them are internally broken, and I wanted a working one in all my cases. All the best to the collectors out there.

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