Backdrop Switzerland Exhibition Poster F1 (90 x 128cm) Limited Edition Of 20 Copies. The Second Backdrop Switzerland Event Is Dedicated To Blake Edwards Film Classic ‘The Return Of The Pink Panther’ 1975 Includive The Exclusive Screening (Special Thanks To Cormelius Schregle)

Backdrop Switzerland Book Author Cormelius Schregle Invites To A Special Evening At Gstaad Palace, In The Presence Of Catherine Shell, On Saturday 21st Of July 2018

The Invitation Card Shows A Photo Of Filming Goldfinger, A James Bond (Sean Connery) Movie In Which The Famous Spy Drove His Aston Martin DB5 On The Furka Pass. And Comes With Additional Pink Panther Comic Figures Dedicated To The Event. (Special Thanks To Cornelius Schregle)
Cornelius Schregle, Switzerland 2018

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2019_12_06 (WEEK49/2019)

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