French ‘Goldfinger’ Affichette / Small Poster (430 x 580mm) Artwork By Jean Mascii Shows James Bond (Sean Connery); Pussy Galore Honor Blackman) And Oddjob (Harold Sakata). And Features Advertisemt For The Film And Ian Flemings Novel. It Were Used In The French Part Of Switzerland And Comes With Unartisco S.A. Zurich Stamps On The Backside

Jean (Gianfranco) Mascii, Born 5th July 1926 In Mirandola (Italy) Died 16th November 2003 In Paris (France)
Unartisco/United Artists, Switzerland 1964

‘Goldfinger’ Various Poster Edition Releases Overview

2019_03_14 (WEEK11/2019GOODIE)

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