American Topps James Bond Film ‘Moonraker’ Bubble Gum Trading Cards Series Counter Display Box (180 x 140 x 60mm) Contains 36 Wax Packs. Each Of The 36 Sealed Pack (Wax Pack Wrappers With Different Advertising) Contains 10 Movie Photo Cards, 1 Movie Sticker And 1 Stick Bubble Gum, Retail Pack Price 1979 20 Cents

Trading Cards Complete Series Contains 99 Cards And 22 Sticker (87 x 63mm) Card Fronts Features A Color Photo Still From The Movie, Card Backs Took Two Forms: One Type Card Backs Form Was A Puzzle Piece. Needed For One Of The Two Different 25 Pieces Puzzle Pictures (315 x 435mm) One Puzzle Shows The Iconic James Bond (Roger Moore) In A Spacesuit Illustration Of Dan Goozee And The Second Puzzle Shows Jaws (Richard Kiel) In Action. Revised & Updated Category Find Out More

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