The Master Spy 007 Meets The Master Goldsmith! International S.T. Dupont „Spectre Collection“ Dealer Factsheet Set (10 Pages / 260 x 195mm)

S.T. Dupont Is Celebrating The Return To The Big Screen Of The World’s Most Famous Spy On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, James Bond, With A New Collection That Embodies Elegance, Refinement And Cutting-Edge Technical Innovation Of The Highest Order

After The 2004 James Bond Collection And Casino Royale 2006, The British Spy Is Joining Forces With The Brand That Is World Famous For Its Legendary « Cling » Lighters And Its Impeccably Refined Writing Instruments. This New Collection, Named Spectre, Draws Its Inspiration From One Of The Most Iconic Images From The 007 Films: The Stripped Gun Barrel From The Bond’s Famous Walther PPK Pistol

Spectre, The Third Collection From S.T. Dupont, Dedicated To The Adventures Of James Bond, Perfectly Expresses And Exemplifies The Brand’s Savoir Faire Like A subtle Cocktail „Shaken, Not Stirred“ Maculine And Refined To Give This Exclusive Series An Undeniably Seduction Allure !

S.T. Dupont Spectre „Access“ Collection, Release 1st October 2015:
Defi Pen With 007 & Spectre Logo (405809 BP Palladium & 405810 BP Black) Dimensions 14 x 1,5cm / Weight 45g

dupont_spectre dealer factsheets1

Mini & Maxi Jet With 007 & Spectre Logo (010095 Minijet & 0220162N Maxijet) Dimensions 5,5 x 3,2 x 0,6cm / Weight 43g, Cigar Cutter With 007 & Spectre Logo (003533 Cigar Cutter) Dimensions 6,5 x 3,6 x 1,3cm / Weight 64g & Set Cigar Cutter & Maxijet (C2BJET)

dupont_spectre dealer factsheets2

S.T. Dupont Spectre „Premium“ Collection, Release 1st October 2015:
Line 2 Lighters With 007 & Spectre Logo, Bullet Hole, Also A Secret Compartment With Secret Message. Line 2 Lighter Palladium (016156) & Black PVD Finished Lighter (016157) Dimensions 6,2 x 3,6 x 1,1cm / Weight 147g & Line D Writing Instruments, Palladium Or Black PVD Finished, 007 & Spectre Logo, Solid Gold Nib 14k And A Secret Compartment With Secret Message. FP Palladium (141033) & FP Black (141034), RB Palladium (142033) & RB Black (142034), BP Palladium (145033) & BP Black (145034) Dimensions 6.2 x 3.6 x 1.1cm / Weight 147g

dupont_spectre dealer factsheets3

Limited To 1963 Individually Numbered Creations In Reference To The First Apparition Of Spectre In A James Bond Movie „From Russia With Love“

S.T. Dupont Spectre „Premium Collector“, Release December 2015:
The Limited S.T. Dupont Exclusive Spectre Wooden Box Set Contains: Line 2 Lighter, Roller Nib Set, Line D Fountain Pen & Line D Ball Pen. Limited To 150 Individually Numbered Creations Per Color (Palladium C3JBWHITE & Black C3JBBLACK)

dupont_spectre dealer factsheets4

A Love Affair Between S.T. Dupont, And The Most Dangerous Spy Continues To Date. S.T. Dupont Didn’t Need Much Convincing To Rise To The Challenge That Was Apparently Impossible : A Spectacular Lighter, Pierced Through The Centre With The Bullet Od 007’s Gun Gives It An Incredible BulletHole Effect. The Mission Was Successfully Accomplished, As The Spectre Lighter Is The Only Lighter In Ther World With This Unique Design

Amongst Other Creations, The Spectre Collection Showcases The Exceptional Expertise Of S.T. Dupont’s Master-Goldsmiths With A Series In Masculine, Contemporary Lines With Every Lighter And Writing Instrument
S.T. Dupont Paris, France 2015

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