German ‘Stuttgarter Zeitung’ Number 161 Newspaper Clipping July 14, 2012 ‘Swimming In The James Bond-Style’ London – It’s Amazing That Has Served The London Barbican Centre Has Never Been The Back-Drop For A James Bond Film. Predestine The Sheer Size Of Its Interior, Its Monolithic Sixties Design With Concrete Walls And Gear It To The Headquarters Of A Curiosity Level The Villain For World Domination. It Would Not Be Bad Either Permits It To Be Chased By Bond Spectacularly Into The Air. First, However, Must Be Content To Give The Barbican, ‘Designing 007’ Align, An Exhibition That Celebrates 50 Years Of Cinematic Bond Designs

So Much Attention To Detail! Over 400 Costumes, Props, Sets, Storyboards, Models And Vehicles Are Seen. The Recognition Factor Is High: Who Would Not Run On A Blissful – And Admittedly Slightly Perverse – Shudder In The Face Of The Cast Put On A Bed Mannequins, A Recreation Of The Gold Paint Choked Jill Masterson (Shirley Eaton) In ‘Goldfinger’? Which Would Not Connoisseurs Of Childlike Joy In The Face Of Originalhuts, With The Beheading Of Burly Oddjob (Harold Sakata) In The Same Movie, A Marble Statue? And Who Would Not Be Impressed By The Attention To Detail That The Gilded Work Of The Order Assassin Scaramanga (Christopher Lee) Device Reveals In ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ A Pen Drive As A Cigarette Case As A Handle, A Cufflink As A Deduction? In Short, ‘Designing 007’ Is A Paradise For Bond-Geeks. By The Production Company EON Highly Stylish, Extravagant Bond Version Dominates Our Image Of Ian Fleming’s Cold Warriors. How Much That Makes London A Showcase With First Editions Of The Bond Novels Clear: The Cover Of ‘Greetings From Moscow’ Shows A Revolver And A Rose. Upturn Could Loose Covers That Decorate As Good Agatha Christie Mystery – The Skull Of The ‘Goldfinger’ Cover Also Holds A Rose Between His Teeth. They Seem Out Of A Lot Thick-Skinned Bond Universe As An Example The Next Issued Fiberglass Model Of The Submersible Lotus With A Built Surface To Air Missile From The Movie ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’

The Movies Always Reflect Against The Zeitgeist It Is Just Such A Glamor Brand Already Created In The Novels. Ian Fleming Was The Authenticity Is Very Important That Any Actual Delivered Cigarettes Or Whiskey Brands. The Films Took It A Lot: Aston Martin, Dom Perignon, Rolex, One Of The Finest, And Yet In Stores – Which In Turn Lends Itself To The Outrageous Bond Story (Moonraker!) Still A Touch Of Reality. The Master Tailors Who Dress The Respective Bond Actor ‘Exclusive’ Advertise Themselves With The “Bond Lifestyle”. James Bond Films Are, In The Words Of The German Psychologist And Bond Fans Werner Greve, ‘Measuring Instruments Of The Zeitgeist.’ Find The Same Story – A Request By M, The Affairs With In Part As A Dangerous Entpuppenden Women, The Brutal Death Of A Bond Counterparts, The Victorious Battle With The Megalomaniacal Antagonist – Is Padded According To The World Situation With The Issues Of The Day: In Greetings From Moscow, The Good Old KGB Pulls The Strings, And Even The Super-Capitalist Auric Goldfinger (Gert Fröbe) Has Communist Authority. Later Drug Dealer Leads Bond (Live And Let Die), North Koreans (Die Another Day) And Eco-Delinquent (Quantum of Solace) To The Track

Has Never Been Safer Someone Cool And Stylish In Particular, Superficial Efforts To Date The Stories Were Always Fantasy. But Sean Connery, Movies, And Also The Only George Lazenby Bond Distinguish It From Those Most Followers That Their Appearance Easily Cut Off The Aging Process. The Early Films, Which Is In The Juxtaposition Of The Designs At The Barbican Clearly Surrounds A Later Never Quite Reached Nimbus Masculine Coolness And Style. This Is Also Due To The Designers Who Committed The EON Boss Albert ‘Cubby’ Broccoli For Its First Bonds, Led To The Production Designer Ken Adam. His Designs For Dr. No Control, His Fort Knox Interior For “Goldfinger” Has Been Correctly Compared To Piranesi’s Prisons. Adam’s Set Designs Show Seductive Totalitarianism, Grandiose In Scale, Minimalist Detail. By Anthony Sinclair Connery, Designed For Three-Piece Once Again Appear Perfect In Their Athletic Elegance. Bronwyn Cosgrave, Co-Curator Of The Show, Calls His Suits, ‘The Male Equivalent Of The Chanel Suit’. To Date, They Are Designers Such As Hedi Slimane And Tom Ford As Inspiration

Anyone Who Has Never Been In The Casino, Believes That It Looks Like Bond Even The Typical Bond Gadgets Are In The Early Low-Tech Version Most Convincing: The Diameter Reinforced Shoe That Attacked Rosa Klebb (Lotte Lenya) In “Greetings From Moscow” Bond Is As Simple As Insidious. The Device Makes An Even Fear Behind Glass. How Completely Passé Today The Other Hand, Looks Clunky Nineties-Year-Mobile, The Pierce Brosnan In ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ Misused As A Stun Gun. As For The Clothes Could Not Keep Up With All The More Ironic Nonchalance, Even Roger Moore’s Bond Year. The Yellow Ski Suit From ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ Seems Oddly Cheap. And If The Tuxedo From ‘Octopussy’ Of A Proof, Then Only That A White Dinner Jacket Looks Good Under Any Circumstances. The Bond Films Of Connery Era Are Therefore Not As Beneficial As Aged As The Scot Was Alleged By Many Perfectly Cast. This Was Clearly Familiar With The Novels Of Timothy Dalton. They Owe Their Effectiveness Nor The Happy Circumstance Of Being Created In The Cool Sixties . The SixtiesAre Contrary To This Day Style Icon, Because They Owe A Good Part Of Their Aura Of James Bond. He Shaped The Decade Of Its Kind At Least As Much As He Despised The Beatles. Since Then, Bond Is Sitting At The Bar Or At The Roulette Table, If You Ordered A Martini, Or Makes Its Use. People Who Have Never Ordered A Martini, Never Visited A Casino, So Make The Most Of Themselves Both Before As They Have Seen In James Bond

Craig Or Connery – Who Has More Sex Appeal? The Older Bond Was A Concept, The More Often He Had To Reinvent Itself In Order To Maintain A Semblance Of Content Relevance, The Harder The Pop-Cultural Heritage Of The First, Light-Hearted Films Rested On A Series That Has Now At Least Half A Century Under His Belt. Daniel Craig’s 007 Last Tried A Radical New Beginning. One Of The Most Famous Scenes in ‘Casino Royale’ Is Equal To A Double Quote: Craig Emerges From The Sea In Tight-Fitting Bathing Suit. First, There Is A Masculine Reprise Of The Famous Bathing Scene With Honey Rider (Ursula Andress) In ‘Dr. No’. Second, Craig’s Swimming Trunks In The Same Sky Blue Color As Those That Connery Wore In ‘Thunderball’. This Is Verified, Since Both Are Exhibited Side By Side. Craig’s Pants Looks Closely. It Can Be Lashed Even More Closely With A Ribbon. Connery Is Perfectly Cut Trousers. She Closes By Pressing A Button. Which Model Exudes More Sex Appeal, You Must Not Mention
Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany 2012

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