American Reel To Reel Tape ‘Goldfinger’ Motion Soundtrack Music Composed And Conducted By John Barry, Catalogue Number MUA 5117

01 Main Title – Into Miami- Goldfinger – Shirley Bassey / 02 Alpine Drive – Auric’s Factory / 03 Oddjob’s Pressing Engagement / 04 Bond Back in Action Again / 05 Teasing the Korean / 06 Gassing the Gangsters / 07 Goldfinger (Instrumental Version) / 08 Dawn Raid on Fort Knox / 09 The Arrival of the Bomb and Count Down / 10 The Death of Goldfinger – End Titles
United Artists, USA 1964

Various Reel To Reel James Bond Editions Overview

Reel-To/Open-Reel Audio Tape Recording Is The Form Of Magnetic Tape Audio Recording In Which The Recording Medium Is Held On A Reel, Rather Than Being Securely Contained Within A Cassette. In Use, The Supply Reel Or Feed Reel Containing The Tape Is Mounted On A Spindle; The End Of The Tape Is Manually Pulled Out Of The Reel, Threaded Through Mechanical Guides And A Tape Head Assembly, And Attached By Friction To The Hub Of A Second, Initially Empty Takeup Reel

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