American Reel To Reel Tape Contains Three 30 Second Radio Spots For The James Bond Film ‘Moonraker’ 1979. These Spots Play Up The Positive Press Reviews The Film Received
United Artists, USA 1979

Various Reel To Reel James Bond Editions Overview

Reel-To/Open-Reel Audio Tape Recording Is The Form Of Magnetic Tape Audio Recording In Which The Recording Medium Is Held On A Reel, Rather Than Being Securely Contained Within A Cassette. In Use, The Supply Reel Or Feed Reel Containing The Tape Is Mounted On A Spindle; The End Of The Tape Is Manually Pulled Out Of The Reel, Threaded Through Mechanical Guides And A Tape Head Assembly, And Attached By Friction To The Hub Of A Second, Initially Empty Takeup Reel

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