British James Bond ‘Thunderball’ 375 Pieces Jigsaw / Puzzle (264 x 384mm) Catalogue Number 007/001 Features James Bond 007 (Sean Connery) Jetpack Scene Illustration By Walt Howart Based On The Artwork By Robert McGinnis

The Arrow Games Puzzle Series Conatins Four Different Jigsaws Related To The James Bond Films:
01 ‘Thunderball’ Jetpack Scene
02 ‘Thunderball’ Diver Battle Scene
03 ‘Goldfinger’
04 ‘From Russia With Love’
Aarow Games Ltd., England 1965

Arrow Puzzle Series Overview
Various James Bond Jigsaw/Puzzle Editions Overview
Walter Howarth Artwork Overview

2015_08_27 (WEEK35/2015GOODIE) 007CAS 0003-JUNE2016

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