Norwegian Rubber Toy Car Toyota 2000GT From The 60s, Tomte Laerdal Model No 24 Blue Edition (Length 95mm) Complete Color Series (Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow) As Seen In The 1967 Bond Film “You Only Live Twice” With James Bond (Sean Connery) And Aki (Akiko Wakabayashi) In The White Toyota 2000GT

Tomte Laerdal, The Company Was Started In 1940 By Aasmund Sigurd Laerdal In Stavanger, Norway. Originally A Small Publishing House, It Specialized In Greetings Cards And Children’s Books. By 1943, The Company Had Expanded Into The Manufacturing Of Wooden Toys Under The Name Smavare Industry. In 1951, The Company Expanded Into Plastics And Began Manufacturing Realistic Play Dolls And Later Produced “Furniture Friendly” Toy Cars Under The Name Tomte Laerdal. These Were Similar In Concept To Cars Made By The Auburn Rubber Company In The United States Or Galanite Of Sweden

TOMTE, NORWAY 1968 2016_02_05 (WEEK05/2016GOODIE)

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