American Victory Games Inc. New York, James Bond 007 “You Only Live Twice” An Action Episode Game (Sealed) Cover Art By James Talbot, Catalogue Number 35505 / ISBN 0-912515-28-7

“You Only Live Twice” Is An Adventure For The James Bond 007 Action Episode Game, Based On The Film But With A Few Key Plot Changes. The Adventure Is For One Character Of “00” Rank, Two Of Agent Rank, Or Three Or Four Of Rookie Rank

“Aboard ‘Little Nellie’ The One-Man Flying Machine, James Bond Travels To The Volcano Where Suspicious Events Have Been Reported. Suddenly The Mission Turns Into A Deadly Fight, Where Every Second Counts As You Struggle To Outwit The Enemy Helicopters Emerging From A Hidden Opening In The Volcano!”
Victory N.Y., USA 1985

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