American Victory Games Inc. New York, James Bond 007 “Live And Let Die” Role-Playing Game (Sealed) Cover Art Presumably By James Talbot, Catalogue Number 35009 / ISBN 0-912515-09-0

“Live And Let Die” Is An Adventure For The James Bond 007 Roleplaying Game, Based On The Film But With A Few Key Plot Changes. The Adventure Is For One Character Of “00” Rank, Two Of Agent Rank, Or Three Or Four Of Rookie Rank

Briefing: Two Top M.I.6 Operatives, Working With The C.I.A. To Uncover Drug Smugglers In New Orleans And On The Caribbean Island Of San Monique, Have Met Suddent And Mysterious Deaths. Now A Third Agent, Who Had Been Observing Dr. Emman Kananga, The Premier Of San Monique, Has Been Found Dead In His New York Hotel Room. All Three Deaths Have Occurred Within The Last 24 Hours. Is Someone Simply Out To Destroy The British Secret Service, Or Is There Some More Ominous Link That Unites The Three Agents In Death?

Mission: Unraveling The Threads Of These Murders Takes You To New York, New Orleans And San Monique. At These Locations You Will Find Clues To A Master Plot That Threatens To Undermine The Very Fabric Of American Society. As You Penetrate Into The Mystery Behind The Deaths Of Your Fellow Agents, You Will Find Yourself Confronting The Dark Powers Of Voodoo, Encountering The Lovely And Mystical Oracle Solitaire, And Defying The Cutthroats Who Work For The American Gangster Known As Mr. Big. Your Life Is In The Balance, For The Next Card To Be Played Is Death!
Victory N.Y., USA 1984

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