British Corgi Toys Die-Cast “The Great Book Of Corgi 1956 – 1983” (514 Pages) Inclusive The “Pocket Book” (80 Pages) Written By Marcel R. Van Cleemput (Chief Toy Designer For Corgi Toys 1956-1983) And Published By New Cavendish Books London. The Most Complete Reference To Corgi Models Ecer Published. Limited Edition Of Only 4000 Books Worldwide, This Is Number 1580 And Comes Together With An Exclusive Routemaster Bus Model. The Book Introduces All British Corgi Toys Die-Cast Releases 1956 To 1983. With Background History And A Lot Of Images

Of Course Also Includes James Bond 007 “Milestones” Cars And Vehicles, Aston Martin DB5 1965 “Goldfinger” (Article Number 261), Toyota 2000GT 1967 “You Only Live Twice” (Article Number 336), Aston Martin DB5 1968 “Goldfinger” (Article Number 270), The “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” Corgi Rockets Series 1971, Moon Buggy (Article Number 811) And Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Article Number 391) As Seen In “Diamonds Are Forever” 1971, Lotus Submarine “The Spy Who Loved Me” 1977 (Article Number 269) And Stromberg Helicopter (Article Number 926), The Space Shuttle “Moonraker” 1979 (Article Number 649) And Drax Helicopter (Article Number 930), Citroen 2CV *For Your Eyes Only” 1981 (Article Number 272)
Corgi Toys / New Cavendish Books London, England 1989

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