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Japanese Weltron 8 Track Player As Seen In The Cabine Of The Handley Page HP-137 Jetstream 1 Aircraft Used In The Pre Title Fall Scenes Filmed Over California For The 1979 James Bond Film “Moonraker” The Plane Was Owned By Apollo Airways

Weltron Model 2001 “8 Track Player” a.k.a. The “Space Ball”, “Space Helmet” Or The “Globe”. Next To The Panasonic “Dynamite,” This Is Probably The Most Famous From The Early ’70s. It’s An AM/FM 8-Track Stereo Combo With Built-In Speakers Facing Straight Out From The Sides (And Inclusive The Additional Satellite Speakers). The Base Swivels 360 Degrees And Suctions To The Surface It’s Sitting On For Stability When Yanking Tapes Out. It Can Also Be Suspended Mid-Air From The Metal Eyelet. Although Not Really A Portable, It Does Run On 8 “D” Cells And Has A Convenient Battery Power Gauge. Perfect For Poolside!

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8-Track Tape (Formally Stereo 8: Commonly Known As The Eight-Track Cartridge, Eight-Track Tape, Or Simply Eight-Track) Is A Magnetic Tape Sound Recording Technology Popular In The United States From The Mid-1960s To The Late-1970s When The Compact Cassette Format Took Over. The Format Is Regarded As An Obsolete Technology, And Was Relatively Unknown Outside The United States, United Kingdom, Canada And Australia

Stereo 8 Was Created In 1964 By A Consortium Led by Bill Lear Of Lear Jet Corporation, Along With Ampex, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Motorola, And RCA Victor Records (RCA)
Weltron, Japan 1972

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