British Little Lead Soldiers ‘James Bond’ Chess Board Game (300 x 300 x 30mm) Contains 32 Hand Painted Metal Figures (3cm / Die Cast Scale 1/43) Two Fitted Drawers In Display Case Printed With Chess Board. Luxurious Presentation With Compartments Separated Out Of Dark Red Velvet, Article Number JB5

The Chess Figures Features James Bond Allies (White) And The 007 Villains (Black). The King Of The White Ones Is James Bond, The Queen Miss Moneypenny, The Bishop Felix Leiter, The Knight M, The Rook Q And Last But Not Least Honey Rider Is The Pawn. The King Of The Black Ones Is Goldfinger, The Queen Gypsy Girl Vida, The Bishop Oddjob, The Knight Dr. No, The Rook Rosa Kleeb And The “Goldengirl” Is The Pawn
Little Lead Soldiers Ltd., England 1987

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