American “Moonraker” Activity Book (280 x 215mm) “To Color, Cut Out And Fly” James Bond, The World’s Most Famous Secret Agent, Is Now Fighting The Forces Of Evil In Outer Space. This Moonraker Activity Book Allows You To Recreate This Exciting Film’s Such Typical 007 Features As:
* Speedboat With Ejection Roof
* Gondola-Hovercraft
* An “Escape-From_Death” Hang Glider
* The Moonraker Shuttle
* Drax Soldier Fighters
* And Much More

These Are Working Models, Not Just Picture Cutouts, And The Pnly Material Needed Are: Scissor, School Compass Or Ballpoint Pen, Paper Clips, Rubber Cement. The Models Can Also Be Colored With Crayons Or Felt Pens
Price, Stern & Sloan Los Angeles/Glidrose/EON, USA 1979

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