British Pet Shop Boys ‘Abbey Road Demos’ CD Includes Two Different ‘Theme For James Bond’ For ‘The Living Daylights’ Bond Film 1987. The Promo CD Features 12 Tracks Written By Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe, Allee Willis & Bobby Orlando

01 It’s A Sin (Different Vocals) 4:56
02 Rent (First Take, Different Vocals) 4:27
03 You Know Where You Went Wrong (Demo, 1st Mix) 6:04
04 One More Chance (Different Mix) 3:47
05 I Want To Wake Up (Different Mix) 5:59
06 What Have I Done To Deserve This (Demo Version) 4:10
07 It Couldn’t Happen Here (Demo Version Different Lyrics) 5:13
08 King’s Cross (Demo Version Without Overdubs) 5:04
09 Jelaousy (Demo Version) 3:51
10 Theme For James Bond (Part 1) 5:19
11 Theme For James Bond (Part 2) 4:45
12 Bonus Track: I Get Excited (Sam West Mix) 6:00

The Two James Bond Themes Were Never Official Released! But Some Of The ‘Flows & Ideas’ You Maybe Recognize In The Pet Shop Boys Single Release `This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave’ From Their Album ‘Behaviour’
Domino Records, England 1991

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