Limited Swatch 007 Villain Collection Edition Features “Oddjob” (Harold Sakata) James Bond Villain As Seen In Goldfinger 1964 Catalogue Number YOG102G

In A Series Of Heroic Adventures From ‘Dr. No’ To ‘Quantum Of Solace’, James Bond Outfoxes And Destroys A Nefarious Bunch Of Evildoers Bent On Comquering The World. Destroys? Well Not Quite. Like Bond Himself, True Villains Live On Forever, Remembered Fondly By Their Fans – And Now By Swatch

Celebrating The Legendary British Secret Agent’s Most Memorable Adventures, The Swatch 007 Villains Collection Presents 22 Swatch Watches Inspired By The Best… Of The Worst
Swatch, Switzerland 2008

Swatch James Bond Villain Series Overview
Swatch James Bond Complete Overview

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    I had this watch but unfortunately someone stole it. And due to the fact that this watch was specifically gifted from my fathwr to me i would like to know how much you would sell it for and if u r selling it

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    How to buy this watch please advice

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    Yo tengo uno en buenas condiciones

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    Tengo uno a la venta!

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